Name:Andy Flash
Date Of Birth:
August 17th 1972
Place Of Birth:Varberg,Sweden
Family: Kids-Joachim (Born:1988),Luna (Born:2013) & Vincent (Born:2015)
Started writing lyrics:
Parallel Universe,Project:Voodoo & Sour Mash
Other Bands Written Lyrics For Inc:
Frozen Rain,Zero Nine,Revengia,Critical Solution & Chameleon..

First Concert Attended:Saxon & Pretty Maids-Gothenburg,Sweden 1985
Favorite Concerts Attended:
Whitesnake-Donington,England 1990,Def Leppard-Stockhom,Sweden 1986,Kiss-Prague 1996,Y&T-Sweden Rock Festival 2003
First Record Bought:
Kiss-Rock & Roll Over
Favorite Albums:
Kiss-Destroyer,Def Leppard-Pyromania,TNT-Tell No Tales,Y&T-Black Tiger,Queensryche-Operation:Mindcrime,Whitesnake-Slide It In,Pretty Maids-Red,Hot And Heavy,Magnum-On A Storytellers Night
Favorite Bands:Kiss,Bon Jovi,Y&T,Savatage,Def Leppard,TNT,Thin Lizzy,Rainbow,Judas Priest,Sweet,Night Ranger,Queensryche,Pretty Maids

Favorite Singers:
Glenn Hughes,Rob Halford,Tony Harnell,Geoff Tate,Joe Lynn Turner,Dave Meniketti,Paul Stanley,Steve Perry,Ray Gillen,Tommy Shaw,Jack Blades,Ronnie Atkins,Brian Connolly
Favorite Guitar Players:
John Sykes,Richie Sambora,Ritchie Blackmore,Ace Frehley,Yngwie Malmsteen,Ken Hammer,Neal Schon
Favorite Bass Players:
Tony Franklin,Rudy Sarzo,Phil Lynott,Glenn Hughes,Nikki Sixx,Martin Karlsson,Steve Harris,
Favorite Keyboard/Piano Players:
David Bryan,Jon Oliva,Jon Lord,Kurt Vereecke,Jonathan Cain
Favorite Drummers:Tico Torres,Eric Singer,Tommy Lee,Scott Rockenfield
Favorite Lyric Writers:
Jim Steinman,Phil Lynott,King Diamond
Favorite Music Promo Video:
Bon Jovi-Lay Your Hands On Me,Kiss-Sure Know Something,Mötley Crue-Wild Side,
Favorite Music Homevideo:
Bon Jovi-Access All Areas
Favorite Movies:Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park,Young Guns,Lethal Weapon
Favorite Tv-Shows:
Father Ted,Married With Children,The Young Ones,Bottom,Sons Of Anarchy,Bones,Two & ½ Men
Favorite Actors:
Mel Gibson,Bruce Willis,Christian Bale
Favorite Actress:
Michelle Pfeifferiffer
Favorite Tv Channel:
Canal +
Favorite Sport:
Soccer (Manchester United)
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Jack Daniels
Favorite Book:
The Dirt by Mötley Crue

Why did you start writing lyrics? To be part of something magic.
Describe yourself with one word?
What animal would you like to be reincarnated as?
What song do you wish you had written and why?
Livin' On A Prayer (bon jovi) or Forever All Over Again (night ranger).They hit pretty close to home:)
Who would you like to play you in the movie of your life?
My son.
If you had the chance to put together your dream band,who would be in it?
Richie Sambora,John Sykes,Eric Singer,Tony Franklin & Jon Oliva.
Who would you like to have as a guest on your record and why?
Paul McCartney.The biggest living star in the world!!!
And on what record would you have liked to have been a guest on?
What do you hate?
Fake "bands" & "artists"
What do you love?
The magic moments in life.
What/Who is the most overrated band/artist?

What/Who is the most underrated band/artist?
Y&T,Savatage & Pretty Maids
What is your addiction?
Records (vinyl & cd's) Especially vinyl 7's.(The record collection page)
If you were God for one minute and you could change one thing.What would you change?
The hate.