Band:Critical Solution
Track:This Burning Hate
Album:Evil Never Dies
Words:Andy Flash
Music:Christer Slettebø
Record Company:
Release Date:May 16th 2013


'God Of Anarchy'
'Sad Hill'
'Crime Of Passion'
'Wallace Green'
'This Burning Hate'
'The Execution'
'Dead Man Walkin''
'Evil Never Dies'
'Hell's Warrior'
'War Machine'

Bonus Tracks:
'Speed King' (DEEP PURPLE cover)
'Killed By Death' (MOTÖRHEAD cover)*
'Seek And Destroy' (METALLICA cover)**

* Featuring Whitfield Crane and Andy La Rocque
** Featuring Andy La Rocque

Critical Solution is:

Christer Slettebø:Vocals & Guitar
Egil Mydland:Drums
Eimund Grøsfjell:Bass
Tov Glesnes:Guitar