Band:Frozen Rain
Track:The Secret Of My Heart (demo version)
Album:Ahead Of Time
Words:Andy Flash
Music:Kurt Vereecke
Record Company:Rubicon Music (Japan),(Avenue of Allies Music (Europe)
Release Date:May 25th 2012 (Japan)
Comments:Japan Bonus Track.



1.Believe It Or Not 5:33
2.Forever 4:07
3.Breakin’ Out 5:32
4.We’re Gonna Rock 4:27
5.Too Late 4:32
6.Turn It On 4:25
7.Ahead Of Time 4:52
8.The Last Dance 5:00
9.Not At Time 4:31
10.The Way That You 5:41
11.Voodoo Party 3:38
12.Waiting Foy You (Demo)* 4:22
13.On The Run (Demo)* 3:05
14.Park Cafe (Demo)* 3:37
15.Never Be A Fool Again (Demo)* 4:36
16.Ahead Of Time (Demo)* 4:56
17.The Secret Of My Heart (Demo)* 3:51 (feat:Tommy Denander:Guitar)

* Japan Bonus Tracks.

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