Band:Parallel Universe
Track:Your World Becomes Mine
Album:Revolver-Hardrock & Metal Edition Volume II
Words:Andy Flash
Music:Linkan Andersson
Record Company:NLP Records
Release Date:October 8th 2004
Comments:Compilation record featuring all Swedish unsigned bands.


1. Fallen Angels:Zion Must Fall
2. Seventribe:
3. Twelvestep:
Down Inside
4. Kaptain Sun:
Groove Hotel
5. The Goddamned:
High Noon
6. The Rock United:
Born On The Farm
7. Mighty Woof:
8. Phase Twelve:
Lost In The Frame
9. Soul Source:
10. Parallel Universe:
Your World Becomes Mine
11. Stallion Four:
Sister Mean
12. Scaperoot:
A Moment Of Clarity
13. Cardiac Arrest:Menace To Society
14. Exorcism Of A Mental Disorder:
15. Machine:
Triumph The Beer
16. Terrortory:
17. Dartos Cranium:Confined Insanity
18. Solid Core:
Bloodshed For Freedom

Parallel Universe is:

Andy Flash
Martin Karlsson
Larsa Bertilsson
Fredrik Gomersson
Linkan Andersson