Altitune:Get Even (Live Bruket,Varberg 2019-12-27)

Odessia:Hole In The Sky (Live Bruket,Varberg 2019-12-27)

Deforestation:Submerged (Live Bruket,Varberg 2019-12-27)


Art Nation:The Cure (Live unplugged Oscars Rockbar,Varberg 2019-10-18)

Temple Balls:Hell And Feelin' Fine (Live Oscars Rockbar,Varberg 2019-09-13)

State Of Salazar:Lie To Me (feat:Linnéa Höök) (Live Oscars Rockbar,Varberg 2019-08-17)

Eternal Lies:Into Obscurity (Live Oscars Rockbar,Varberg 2019-08-23)

Creye:Christina (Live Oscars Rockbar,Varberg 2019-08-17)

Zachary Kibbee:See Right Through You (Live Oscars Rockbar,Varberg 2019-08-09)

Love And A 38:Oh My God (Live Oscars Rockbar,Varberg 2019-08-07)

Warner Drive:Viper Room (Live Oscars Rockbar 2019-07-03)


Last Great Dreamers:Glitterball Apocalypse (Live Backstage,Varberg 2019-02-27)

Enuff Z'Nuff:New Thing (Live Backstage,Varberg 2019-02-27)

Katana:Phoenix On Fire (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-12-21)

Skitarg:Jag Bryter Nacken Av Din Häst (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-11-23)

Lillasyster:Så Jävla Bra (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-11-23)

Absolva:Never Back Down (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-10-04)

Shape Of The New Sun:How It All Ends (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-09-07)

Dan Reed Trio:Rainbow Child (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-09-07)

Budderside:Pain (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-08-05)

Kamchatka:Somedays (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-07-28)

KrashKarma:Stranded (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-07-11)

Bullets And Octane:Bad Motherfucker (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-07-08)

Hardcore Superstar:Moonshine (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-05-25)

The Quireboys:Mona Lisa Smiled (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-04-27)

Dynazty:The Human Paradox (Live Backstage,Varberg 2018-02-23)

Shadowquest:All One (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-12-15)

Eclipse:The Downfall Of Eden (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-11-24)

Bonafide:Rock N Roll Skål (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-10-27)

Electric Boys:Captain Of My Soul (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-09-29)

Smash Into Pieces:Disaster Highway (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-09-01)

Art Nation:Don't Wait For Salvation (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-09-01)

Mile:Ripped Of All Hope (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-07-29)

Nubian Rose:Ever See Your Face (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-05-12)

The Grand Masquerade:By My Side (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-05-05)

Critical Solution:Gypsy / Sabbat (guest:Snowy Shaw) (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-04-28)

Dreamland:Exit 49 (feat:Rick Altzi) (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-03-24)

Puteraeon:Providence (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-03-18)

Osukaru:Change Of Heart (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-03-10)

Denied:Three Degrees Of Evil (Live Backstage,Varberg 2017-01-21)

White Widdow:Surrender My Heart (Live Backstage,Varberg 2016-12-01)

Revengia: Back To Hell (Live Backstage,Varberg 2016-10-14)

MarysCreek:The Ghost Inside (Live Backstage,Varberg 2016-09-03)

The Embodied:Ravengod (Live Backstage,Varberg August 13th 2016)


Quireboys:7 O'Clock (Live in Varberg,Sweden September 27th 2014)

H.e.a.t.-Living On The Run (Live Varberg April 12th 2014)

Pretty Maids-Red,Hot And Heavy (feat:Andy La Rocque) Live in Varberg 2013-12-06