First time heard the band:Sometime in the mid 70's I would guess. I think the first album I heard was Billion Dollar Babies.

First record bought:I remember I got Constrictor as a X-mas present in 1986. Don't remember if this was the first album of Alice I got. Think I had a couple of singles at least before inc He's Back.

Live in concert:1989,1991,2001,2004,2005,2006,2009,2012,2014,2017

Members seen live in concert:Alice Cooper,Pete Freezin,Al Pitrelli,Tommy Caradonna,Derek Sherinian,Jonathan Mover,Stef Burns,Eric Singer,Greg Smith,Jimmy Degrasso,
Ryan Roxie,Eric Dover,Teddy Zig Zag,Chuck Garrick,Tommy Clufetos,Calico Cooper,Damon Johnson,Keri Kelly,Tommy Henriksen,Orianthi Panagaris,Nina Strauss.

Alice Cooper related members Live in concert:
Pete Freezin:1992,1993 (The Almighty)
Tommy Caradonna:1988 (Lita Ford)
Eric Singer:1987 (Gary Moore), 2013,2017 (Kiss)
Ryan Roxie:2009 (Roxie 77)
Derek Sherinian:2010 (Billy Idol), 2014 (Joe Bonamassa)
Greg Smith:1996 (Rainbow),2014 (Ted Nugent)
Eric Dover:1995 (Slash's Snakepit)
Tommy Clufetos:2011 (Ozzy Osbourne),2014 (Black Sabbath)
Damon Johnson: 2013,2015 (Black Star Riders)
Reb Beach:1991 (Winger),2003,2004,2006,2008,2008,2011 (Whitesnake)
Kip Winger:1991 (Winger)
Paul Taylor:1991 (Winger)
Vinnie Moore:2009,2013 (Ufo)
Todd Jensen:1991 (David Lee Roth)
Brent Fitz:1999,2000 (Union)
Kasim Sultan:2007 (Meat Loaf)
Jimmy Degrasso:1999 (Megadeth),2013,2015 (Black Star Riders)

Which members have I met:Eric Singer

Special moments:
* Seeing Alice Cooper in concert have been a special momemt every time. Love the stage shows and that he often brings out at least 1 rare song in the setlist.
First time I saw him was on the Trash tour in 1989. But I think the stage show was cooler in 1991 on the Hey Stoopid tour.
The concert in Gothenburg was the last one on the tour and were to be recorded for a live album that never got released.
Alice saying at the end of the gig:Thank you Stockholm didn't go very well with the crowd at all and it took a little while to realize his mistake ;)

The albums & songs:
PRETTIES FOR YOU-Favourite track:Reflected.
EASY ACTION-Favourite track:Refrigerator Heaven.
LOVE IT TO DEATH-Favourite track:Ballad Of Dwight Fry.
KILLER-Favourite track:Under My Wheels.
SCHOOL´S OUT-Favourite track:School's Out.
BILLION DOLLAR BABIES-Favourite track:No More Mr. Nice Guy.
MUSCLE OF LOVE-Favourite track:Muscle Of Love.
WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE-Favourite track:The Black Widow.
ALICE COOPER GOES TO HELL-Favourite track:Go To Hell.
LACE AND WHISKEY-Favourite track:It's Hot Tonight.
FROM THE INSIDE-Favourite track:From The Inside.
FLUSH THE FASHION-Favourite track:Pain.
SPECIAL FORCES-Favourite track:Seven And Seven Is.
ZIPPER CATCHES SKIN-Favourite track:I Am The Future.
DADA-Favourite track:Former Lee Warmer.
CONSTRICTOR-Favourite track:He's Back.
RAISE YOUR FIST AND YELL-Favourite track:Roses On White Lace.
TRASH-Favourite track:Bed Of Nails.
HEY STOOPID-Favourite track:Might As Well Be On Mars.
THE LAST TEMPTATION-Favourite track:You're My Temptation.
BRUTAL PLANET-Favourite track:It's The Little Things.
DRAGONTOWN-Favourite track:Every Woman Has A Name.
THE EYES OF ALICE COOPER-Favourite track:Novocain.
DIRTY DIAMONDS-Favourite track:Woman Of Mass Distraction.
ALONG CAME A SPIDER-Favourite track:Vengeance Is Mine.
WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE-Favourite track:I'll Bite Your Face Off.
PARANORMAL-Favourite track:Paranoiac Personality.

The Live & Compilation:
THE ALICE COOPER SHOW-Favourite track:
A FISTFUL OF ALICE-Favourite track:Is Anyone Home (studio)
THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF ALICE COOPER-Favourite track:?. Great box but there could have been more unreleased songs and I'm missing live songs on this release.
"OLD SCHOOL" (1964-1974)-Favourite track:
NO MORE MR NICE GUY LIVE!-Favourite track:

The band collection:(updated Jan 15th 2018)
Albums (Vinyl & Cd): 46
Singles (Vinyl & Cd): 30
Videos (Vhs & Dvd): 11 (not inc the cd's with bonus dvd)
Other specials: