First time heard the band: My older brother had recorded a mixed tape at a friend and I borrowed it and on it was Runaway and I was hooked at once.
I think this was late 83 or early 84.It was before the first album was released.

First record bought: Bon Jovi in 1984.

Live in concert:1988,1989,1993,1995,2000,2013

Members seen live in concert:Jon Bon Jovi,Richie Sambora,Alec John Such,David Bryan,Tico Torres,Hugh McDonald,Phil X,Bobby Banderia.

Bon Jovi related members Live in concert:

Which members have I met: (none so far)

Special moments:
*Driving from Varberg on the westcoast to Stockholm on the eastcoast in 2013 to see the gig on their What About Now tour with my 8 months pregnant wife was indeed a special momemt :).
*When Richie sang Stranger In This Town in Stockholm 1995 I don't think anyone really cared about the amount of rain that was coming down.
*Guitarpicks and drumsticks in all honor but at the gig in Gothenburg 1988 I got something a bit different...Jon's big silver earring.

The albums & songs:
BON JOVI-Favourite track:Shot Through The Heart.
7800 FAHRENHEIT-Favourite track:Hardest Part Is The Night.
SLIPPERY WHEN WET-Favourite track:Livin' On A Prayer.
NEW JERSEY-Favourite track:Wild Is The Wind.
KEEP THE FAITH-Favourite track:In These Arms.
THESE DAYS-Favourite track:Something To Believe In.
CRUSH-Favourite track: Just Older.
BOUNCE-Favourite track:The Distance.
HAVE A NICE DAY-Favourite track:Last Man Standing
LOST HIGHWAY-Favourite track:Any Other Day.
THE CIRCLE-Favourite track:Superman Tonight.
WHAT ABOUT NOW-Favourite track:Because We Can.
BURNING BRIDGES-Favourite track:Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning.
THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE-Favourite track:This House Is Not For Sale

The Live & Compilation:
CROSSROAD-THE BEST OF BON JOVI-Favourite track:Always.
TOKYO ROAD-Favourite track:
ONE WILD NIGHT:LIVE 1985-2001-Favourite track:
THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT-Favourite track:Keep The Faith
100,000,000 BON JOVI FANS CAN'T BE WRONG-Favourite track:The Radio Saved My Life Tonight.
GREATEST HITS-Favourite track:This Is Love,This is Life.

The band collection: (updated Jan 15th 2018)
Albums (Vinyl & Cd): 56
Singles (Vinyl & Cd): 144
Videos (Vhs & Dvd): 17 (not inc the cd's with bonus dvd)
Other specials: