First time heard the band:Sometime in the 70's.

First record bought:Perfect Stranger single in 1984.

Live in concert:1987,1991,1999,2006

Members seen live in concert:Ian Gillan,Ritchie Blackmore,Roger Glover,Jon Lord,Ian Paice,Joe Lynn Turner,Steve Morse,Don Airey.

Deep Purple related members Live in concert:
Ritchie Blackmore:1996 (Rainbow)
David Coverdale:1990,1997,2003,2004,2006,2008,2008,2011 (Whitesnake)
Glenn Hughes:1988 (Hughes/Norum),2004 (Hughes Turner Project) 2005,2016 (Glenn Hughes)
Joe Lynn Turner:1988 (Yngwie Malmsteen),2004 (Hughes Turner Project), 2012 (Legends-Voices Of Rock)

Which members have I met:(no one so far)

Special moments:
* The mark II line up in Gothenburg 1987!!!!!

The albums & songs:
SHADES OF DEEP PURPLE-Favourite track:Hush
THE BOOK OF TALIESYN-Favourite track:We Can Work It Out
DEEP PURPLE-Favourite track:April
IN ROCK-Favourite track:Child In Time
FIREBALL-Favourite track:Fireball
MACHINE HEAD-Favourite track:Highway Star
WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE-Favourite track:Woman From Tokyo
BURN-Favourite track:Burn
STORMBRINGER-Favourite track:Stormbringer
COME TASTE THE BAND-Favourite track:You Keep On Movin'
PERFECT STRANGERS-Favourite track:Knockin' At Your Backdoor
THE HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHT-Favourite track:Dead Or Alive
SLAVES AND MASTERS-Favourite track:King Of Dreams
THE BATTLE RAGES ON-Favourite track:A Twist In The Tale
PURPENDICULAR-Favourite track:Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
ABANDON-Favourite track:Seventh Heaven
BANANAS-Favourite track:Bananas
RAPTURE OF THE DEEP-Favourite track:Wrong Man
NOW WHAT?!-Favourite track:All The Time In The World
INFINITE-Favourite track:Time For Bedlam

The Live & Compilation:
MADE IN JAPAN-Favourite track:Strange Kind Of Woman
MADE IN EUROPE-Favourite track:
NOBODY'S PERFECT-Favourite track:Black Night
COME HELL OR HIGH WATER-Favourite track:
LIVE AT THE OLYMPIA '96-Favourite track:When A Blind Man Cries
TOTAL ABANDON-AUSTRALIA '99-Favourite track:
IN CONCERT WITH THE L.S.O.-Favourite track:
LIVE AT MONTREUX 2006-Favourite track:

The band collection:(updated Jan 15th 2018)
Albums (Vinyl & Cd): 31
Singles (Vinyl & Cd): 13
Videos (Vhs & Dvd): 5 (not inc the cd's with bonus dvd)
Other specials: