First time heard the band:Mid 70's.I don't remember what album or song I heard first.My older brother was a huge fan and we had lots of Kiss posters on the walls in our room.

First record bought:Rock & Roll Over. It was a gift from my uncle in 76/77.

Live in concert:1988,1996,1996,1996,1997,1997,1999,1999,2013,2017

Members seen live in concert:Paul Stanley,Gene Simmons,Bruce Kulick,Eric Carr,Ace Frehley,Peter Criss,Eric Singer,Tommy Thayer.

Kiss related members Live in concert:
Ace Frehley:2008,2009,2015 (Ace Frehley)
Eric Singer:1987 (Gary Moore), 1991,2001,2005,2006 (Alice Cooper)
Bruce Kulick:1999,2000 (Union)
Vinnie Vincent:1996 (Kiss This)

Which members have I met:Vinnie Vincent,Bruce Kulick,Eric Singer

with Bruce Kulick in Gothenburg 1999

Special moments:
* First time I saw Kiss was on the Crazy Nights tour in 88.Huge moment. And I got to see Eric Carr live who died in 1991.
* Reunion tour in 1996. Make Up and with Ace & Peter back in the band. Jawdropping moment when they entered the stage in Gothenburg with Deuce.

The albums & songs:
KISS-Favourite track:Black Diamond
HOTTER THAN HELL-Favourite track:Parasite
DRESSED TO KILL-Favourite track:C'Mon And Love Me
DESTROYER-Favourite track:Detroit Rock City
ROCK AND ROLL OVER-Favourite track:Hard Luck Woman
LOVE GUN-Favourite track:I Stole Your Love
GENE SIMMONS-Favourite track:Radioactive
ACE FREHLEY-Favourite track:What's On Your Mind
PAUL STANLEY-Favourite track:Take Me Away (Together As One)
PETER CRISS-Favourite track:I Can't Stop The Rain
DYNASTY-Favourite track:Sure Know Something
UNMASKED-Favourite track:Easy As It Seems
THE ELDER-Favourite track:A World Without Heroes
CREAUTRES OF THE NIGHT-Favourite track:Creatures Of The Night
LICK IT UP-Favourite track:A Million To One
ANIMALIZE-Favourite track:Thrills In The Night
ASYLUM-Favourite track:Tears Are Falling
CRAZY NIGHTS-Favourite track:Reason To Live
HOT IN THE SHADE-Favourite track:Forever
REVENGE-Favourite track:Unholy
CARNIVAL OF SOULS-Favourite track:Jungle
PSYCHO CIRCUS-Favourite track:Dreamin'
SONIC BOOM-Favourite track:All For The Glory
MONSTER-Favourite track:Hell Or Hallelujah

The Live & Compilation:
ALIVE!-Favourite track:
ALIVE II-Favourite track:Rocket Ride(studio)
DOUBLE PLATINUM-Favourite track:
KISS KILLERS-Favourite track:I'm A Legend Tonight
SMASHES,THRASHES & HITS-Favourite track:Let's Put The X In Sex
ALIVE III-Favourite track:
MTV UNPLUGGED-Favourite track:Goin' Blind
YOU WANTED THE BEST…-Favourite track:
GREATEST KISS-Favourite track:
THE BOX SET-Favourite track:
KISS SYMPHONY ALIVE IV-Favourite track:Sure Know Something
40-Favourite track:
KISS ROCK VEGAS-Favourite track:

The band collection:(updated Jan 15rd 2018)
Albums (Vinyl & Cd): 80
Singles (Vinyl & Cd): 43
Videos (Vhs & Dvd): 18 (not inc the cd's with bonus dvd)
Other specials: