First time heard the band:Sometime during the 70's.

First record bought:The single for L.A. Connection.

Live in concert:1996

Members seen live in concert:Ritchie Blackmore,Doogie White,Greg Smith,Paul Morris,Chuck Burgi,Candice Night.

Rainbow related members Live in concert:
Ritchie Blackmore:1987,1991 (Deep Purple)
Ronnie James Dio:1987,1999,2001,2005,2005 (Dio), 2007 (Heaven & Hell)
Tony Carey:2005 (Tony Carey)
Jimmy Bain:1987,2001 (Dio)
Joe Lynn Turner:1988 (Yngwie Malmsteen),1991 (Deep Purple),2004 (Hughes Turner Project), 2012 (Legends-Voices Of Rock)
Bobby Rondinelli:1995 (Black Sabbath),2005,2005 (The Lizards)
Chuck Burgi: 1989 (Meat Loaf)
Don Airey:2006 (Deep Purple)
Roger Glover:1987,1991,1999,2006 (Deep Purple)
Doogie White: 2003,2005 (Yngwie Malmsteen), 2012 (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Greg Smith: 1991 (Alice Cooper),2014 (Ted Nugent)

Which members have I met:Bobby Rondinelli

Special moments:
* Stranger In Us All tour 1996 in Gothenburg.

The albums & songs:
RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW-Favourite track:Temple Of The King
RISING-Favourite track:Tarot Woman
LONG LIVE ROCK 'N' ROLL-Favourite track:Gates Of Babylon
DOWN TO EARTH-Favourite track:Since You've Been Gone
DIFFICULT TO CURE-Favourite track:Spotlight Kid
STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES-Favourite track:Stone Cold
BENT OUT OF SHAPE-Favourite track:Street Of Dreams
STRANGER IN US ALL-Favourite track:Black Masquerade

The Live & Compilation:
ON STAGE-Favourite track:Kill The King
FINYL VINYL-Favourite track:Jealous Lover
BLACK MASQUERADE (LIVE 1995)-Favourite track:
A LIGHT IN THE BLACK 1975-1984-Favourite track:

The band collection:(updated Jan 15th 2018)
Albums (Vinyl & Cd): 17
Singles (Vinyl & Cd): 14
Videos (Vhs & Dvd): 4 (not inc the cd's with bonus dvd)
Other specials: