First time heard the band:The album Earthshaker 1981.

First record bought:The single for Don't Wanna Lose in 1982.

Live in concert:2003,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017

Members seen live in concert:Dave Meniketti,Phil Kennemore,Leonard Haze,John Nymann,Mike Vanderhule,Brad Lang,Aaron Leigh.

Y&T related members Live in concert:
Stef Burns:1991 (Alice Cooper)
Jimmy Degrasso: 1999 (Megadeth), 2009 (Alice Cooper), 2013,2015 (Black Star Riders),2017 (Ratt)

Which members have I met:(none so far)

Special moments:
*Sweden Rock Festival 2003!!!!!
*Sticky Fingers,Gothenburg 2015 when during the encore they played Don't Wanna Lose.

The albums & songs:
YESTERDAY & TODAY-Favourite track:Beautiful Dreamer
STRUCK DOWN-Favourite track:I'm Lost
EARTHSHAKER-Favourite track:Hurricane
BLACK TIGER-Favourite track:Don't Wanna Lose
MEAN STREAK-Favourite track:Mean Streak
IN ROCK WE TRUST-Favourite track:Don't Stop Runnin'
DOWN FOR THE COUNT-Favourite track:Anytime At All
CONTAGIOUS-Favourite track:Armed And Dangerous
TEN-Favourite track:Don't be Afraid Of The Dark
MUSICALLY INCORRECT-Favourite track:I've Got My Own
ENDANGERED SPEICES-Favourite track:Still Fallin'
FACEMELTER-Favourite track:If You Want Me

The Live & Compilation:
OPEN FIRE-Favourite track:Open Fire (live)
BEST OF 81'-85'-Favourite track:
YESTERDAY & TODAY LIVE-Favourite track:
LIVE ON THE Friday ROCK SHOW-Favourite track:
UNEARTHED VOL:1-Favourite track:Wild If I Wanna
UNEARTHED VOL:2-Favourite track:Long Time Coming
LIVE AT THE MYSTIC-Favourite track:
EARTHQUAKE:THE A&M YEARS 1981-1985-Favourite track:

The band collection:(updated Jan 15th 2018)
Albums (Vinyl & Cd): 23
Singles (Vinyl & Cd): 10
Videos (Vhs & Dvd): 1 (not inc the cd's with bonus dvd)
Other specials: