What if...

...The four 1978 solo albums would have been one Kiss album instead?
And had a tracklist looking like this:

Side 1
1. Tonight You Belong To Me
2. Radioactive
3. What's On Your Mind
4. Kiss The Girl Goodbye
5. Take Me Away (Together As One)

Side 2
1. Rip It Out
2. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me
3. Man Of 1000 Faces
4. I Can't Stop The Rain
5. See You Tonight
6. New York Groove

What if...

...Paul Stanley would have made a solo album around 1988-1989 instead of Kiss making the Animalize,Asylum,Crazy Nights & Hot In The Shade albums?
And had a tracklist looking like this:

Side 1
1. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)-from Animalize
2. I'll Fight Hell To Hold You-from Crazy Nights
3. Hide Your Heart-from Hot In The Shade
4. Who Wants To Be Lonely-from Asylum
5. A Lover Like You-recorded by Voodoo X
6. Reason To Live-from Crazy Nights

Side 2
1. Sword And Stone-recorded by Bonfire
2. Turn On The Night-from Crazy Nights
3. Tears Are Falling-from Asylum
4. Thrills In The Night-from Animalize
5. Forever-from Hot In The Shade
6. My Way-from Crazy Nights

What if...

...The album cover of The Elder would have a band picture instead of a brown door?
This was the first album the band released without themseleves on it.Would this have helped with the album sales?