The Andy Flash Album Of The Year Awards
( This is a page where I rank my favorite from the year 1972 to present.No LIVE or Collection records are included!!!!)

Favorite tracks:

2. ?


Joe Lynn Turner
Belly Of The Beast
Favorite tracks:
Belly Of The Beast,Tortured Soul,Black Sun

2. Def Leppard:Diamond Star Haloes

3. H.E.A.T.: Force Majeure

Favorite tracks:
Roses On Your Grave,Dying Breed,Twilight

2. Thunder:All The Right Noises


Favorite tracks:
Dangerous Ground,Rise,Come Clean

2. FM:Synchronized

3. Magnum:The Serpent Rings

Pretty Maids
Undress Your Madness
Favorite tracks:
Undress Your Madness,Serpentine,If You Want Peace (Prepare For War)

2. Eclipse:Paradigm

3.Work Of Art:Exhibits

Judas Priest
Favorite tracks:
Firepower,Rising From Ruins,Never The Heroes

2. Dynazty:Firesign

3.RSO:Radio Free America

Favorite tracks:
The Downfall Of Eden,Never Look Back,Jaded

2. Art Nation:Liberation

3.Black Star Riders:Heavy Fire

Pretty Maids
Favorite tracks:
When God Took A Day Off,Kingmaker,Face The World

2. Bon Jovi:This House is Not For Sale

3.Sixx A.M.:Prayers For The Damned Vol.1

Favorite tracks:
I Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry,Love Bites,Stand On Your Feet

2. W.A.S.P.:Golgotha

3. House Of Lords:Indestructible

Billy Idol
Kings & Queens Of The Underground
Favorite tracks:
Postcards From The Past,Bitter Pill,Kings & Queens Of The Underground

2. Night Ranger:High Road

3. Ten:Albion

Pretty Maids
Favorite tracks:
Sad To See You Suffer,Mother Of All Lies,I See Ghosts

2. Black Star Riders:Black Star Riders

3. The Winery Dogs:The Winery Dogs

Rick Springfield
Songs For The End Of The World
Favorite tracks:
Our Ship's Sinking,Wide Awake,You & Me

2. Kiss:Monster

3. Richie Sambora:Aftermath Of The Lowdown

Toby Hitchcock
Mercury's Down
Favorite tracks:
This Is The Moment,Mercury's Down,I Should Have Said

2. Mr. Big:What If...

3. Sixx A.M.:This Is Gonna Hurt

Pretty Maids
Favorite tracks:
Cielo Drive,Pandemium,I.N.V.U.

2. Ratt:Infestation

3. Y&T:Facemelter.

Bon Jovi
The Circle
Favorite tracks:
Superman Tonight,Brokenpromiseland,We Weren't Born To Follow

2. Europe:Last Look At Eden

3. W.E.T.:W.E.T.

Rick Springfield
Venus In Overdrive
Favorite tracks:
One Passenger,What's Victoria's Secret,Venus In Overdrive

2. Honeymoon Suite:Clifton Hill

3. Whitesnake:Good To Be Bad

The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack
Favorite tracks:
Life Is Beautiful,Accidents Can Happen,Tomorrow

2. Bon Jovi:Lost Highway

3. Harem Scarem:Human Nature

Pretty Maids
Wake Up To The Real World
Favorite tracks:
Terminal Violence,Brave Young New Breed,Another Shot Of Your Love

2. Queensrÿche:Operation:Mindcrime II

3. Thunder:Robert Johnson's Tombstone

All The Way To The Sun
Favorite tracks:
A Fix,Black Butterfly,Too Late

2. Bon Jovi:Have A Nice Day

3. Thunder:The Magnificent Seventh

Brides Of Destruction
Here Come The Brides
Favorite tracks:
Shut The Fuck Up,I Got A Gun,Life

2. TNT:My Religion

3. Europe:Start From The Dark

Harem Scarem
Favorite tracks:
Waited,Lucky Ones,Reach

2. Skid Row:ThickSkin

3. Hughes Turner Project:HTP 2

Hughes Turner Project
Favorite tracks:
Heaven's Missing An Angel,Devil's Road,Ride The Storm

2. Bon Jovi:Bounce

3. Cornerstone:Human Stain

Favorite tracks:
Higher Place,World Gone Wild,All The Way

2. Savatage:Poets And Madmen

3. Radioactive:Ceremony Of Innocence

Favorite tracks:
Skin,Black Shadow Symphony,Ice Queen

2. Halford:Resurrection

3. Bon Jovi:Crush

Stuart Smith
Heaven & Earth
Favorite tracks:
Heaven & Earth,Don't Keep Me Waiting,When A Blind Man Cries

2. Phoenix Down:Under A Wild Sky

3. Toto:Mindfields

Richie Sambora
Undiscovered Soul
Favorite tracks:
Undiscovered Soul,Hard Times Come Easy,In It For Love

2. Bob Catley:The Tower

3. Bruce Dickinson:The Chemical Wedding

Pretty Maids
Favorite tracks:
Dead Or Alive,Twisted,Never Too Late

2. Kiss:Carnival Of Souls

3. Night Ranger:Neverland

Def Leppard
Favorite tracks:
All I Want Is Everything,Truth?,Where Does Love Go When It Dies

2. Ten:Ten

3. Journey:Trial By Fire

Stranger In Us All
Favorite tracks:
Black Masquarade,Still I'm Sad,Wolf To The Moon

2. Bon Jovi:These Days

3. Skid Row:Subhuman Race

Favorite tracks:
Summer,Sad Situation,Military Man

2. Mötley Crüe:Mötley Crüe

3. Crown Of Thorns:Crown of Thorns

Meat Loaf
Bat Out Of Hell II:Back Into Hell
Favorite tracks:
Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back,Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire),I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)

2. Fight:War Of Words

3. Coverdale Page:Coverdale Page

The Crimson Idol
Favorite tracks:
Arena Of Pleasure,Chainsaw Charlie,I Am One

2. Kiss:Revenge

3. Bon Jovi:Keep The Faith

Richie Sambora
Stranger In This Town
Favorite tracks:
Church Of Desire,One Light Burning,Ballad Of Youth

2. Skid Row:Slave To The Grind

3. Shadow King:Shadow King

Backstreet Symphony
Favorite tracks:
Dirty Love,Love Walked In,Backstreet Symphony

2. Queensrÿche:Empire

3. Pretty Maids:Jump The Gun

Favorite tracks:
Streets Cry Freedom,High Wire,Winter's Call

2. Blue Murder:Blue Murder

3. Black Sabbath:Headless Cross

Favorite tracks:
I Don't Believe In Love,Spreading The Disease,The Mission

2. Bon Jovi:New Jersey

3. Yngwie Malmsteen:Odessey

Tell No Tales
Favorite tracks:
Tell No Tales,As Far As The Eye Can See,Northen Lights

2. Pretty Maids:Future World

3. Def Leppard:Hysteria

Bon Jovi
Slippery When Wet
Favorite tracks:
Livin' On A Prayer,I'd Die For You,Without Love

2. Magnum:Vigilante

3. King Diamond:Fatal Portrait

On A Storyteller's Night
Favorite tracks:
On A Storyteller's Night,Just Like An Arrow,How Far Jerusalem

2. Honeymoon Suite:The Big Prize

3. Gary Moore:Run For Cover

Slide It In
Favorite tracks:
Love Ain't No Stranger,Gambler,Standing In The Shadow

2. Pretty Maids:Red,Hot & Heavy

3. Judas Priest:Defenders Of The Faith

Def Leppard
Favorite tracks:
Billy's Got A Gun,Stagefright,Foolin'

2. Journey:Frontiers

3. Night Ranger:Midnight Madness

Black Tiger
Favorite tracks:
Don't Wanna Lose,Open Fire,Forever

2. Kiss:Creatures Of The Night

3. Rainbow:Straight Between The Eyes

Def Leppard
High 'N' Dry
Favorite tracks:
Another Hit And Run,Lady Strange,Let It Go

2. Journey:Escape

3. Tygers Of Pan Tang:Spellbound

Ozzy Osbourne
Blizzard Of Ozz
Favorite tracks:
Mr. Crowley,Crazy Train,Goodbye To Romance

2. Judas Priest:British Steel

3. Ac/Dc:Back In Black

Thin Lizzy
Black Rose
Favorite tracks:
Waiting For An Alibi,Black Rose,Sarah

2. Whitesnake:Lovehunter

3. Ac/Dc:Highway To Hell

Van Halen
Van Halen
Favorite tracks:
Atomic Punk,Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love,Runnin' With The Devil

2. Kiss:Paul Stanley

3. Kiss:Ace Frehley

Meat Loaf
Bat Out Of Hell
Favorite tracks:
Paradise By The Dashboard Light,You Took The Words Right Out My Mouth,Bat Out Of Hell

2. Thin Lizzy:Bad Reputation

3. Styx:The Grand Illusion

Favorite tracks:
Detroit Rock City,God Of Thunder,Shout It Out Loud

2. Thin Lizzy:Jailbreak

3. Aerosmith:Rocks

Alice Cooper
Welcome To My Nightmare
Favorite tracks:
The Black Widow,Welcome To My Nightmare,Cold Ethyl

2. Queen:A Night At The Opera

3. Kiss:Dressed To Kill

Favorite tracks:
Black Diamond,Nothin' To Lose,100,000 Years

2. Deep Purple:Burn

3. Sweet:Sweet Funny Adams

Alice Cooper
Billion Dollar Babies
Favorite tracks:
No More Mr. Nice Guy,Billion Dollar Babies,Elected

2. Aerosmith:Aerosmith

3. ZZ Top:Trees Hombres

Deep Purple
Machine Head
Favorite tracks:
Highway Star,Pictures Of Home,Maybe I'm A Leo

2. Black Sabbath:Vol.4

3. Rolling Stones:Exile On Main St.