Promotion for Survivor "Reach" (2006)

Frankie Sullivan Interview 2006 (e-mail)

How come it took so long before you decided to make another Survivor album?

Many reasons. Obviously there have been many changes over the years. People and places, when, where and how – things of that nature.
There was the lawsuit over use of the name that was a problem for a while. The changes of singers played a role as well. But it all comes together in time when one allows it too!

Will there be any videos and singles released from it?

Who knows! It would be great to do a Live DVD and I’m all for it. With technology where it’s at today the possibilities are limitless. I think it would be great!

The title track from the new album Reach is my favorite on the album. What is yours and which one do you think will become a new live favorites among the fans?

I never have a favorite really. Each song becomes more like a person to me and so it is difficult to choose a favorite.
Each day I nearly change my mind as to what I like most.
I feel strongly “Reach” will be a great opening for a Crock show so I am excited for that.


Was Jim Peterik asked to return to the band for the album and the tour?

No he was not.

What band/artist would you like to tour together with as a great package?

We have been on some great packages since 2000.
We have played with Journey, REO, Styx and others.
I’d like to tour with a solo artists, as that would be cool to me. Rather than another band a one-man show so to say.

Are there any plans for Survivor to play some shows in Sweden 2006?

I do not see any reason why we would not spend much of our time working Europe.
The reaction to “Reach” has been great and the press so kind in both interviews and reviews.
It really has been a big part of our past and I always feel most at home while touring there.
If it were my decision we would be playing dates over there now!

Any plans to record a live DVD from the tour?

I believe I responded to this above. No finite plans but certainly a huge consideration.

What band or artist is the biggest influence on Survivor?

As a band I can tell you none really. As individuals you would have to ask each member.
Jimi Hendrix has been one of the most dominating influences on me as a player and a person.
I also spent so much time listening to blues as growing up as a player in Chicago put me right in the midst of it all.
That leads to the British influences like Eric Clapton Jeff Beck And Ritchie Blackmore


What is your favourite Survivor album? And why?

Too Hot To Sleep! I love this record for many reasons but most of all for the freedom that came along with working with Frank Filipetti.
He taught me yet a whole other dimension in recording and he captured so much of what each of us does onto tape I was amazed.
In fact, we have some of our best performances on “Too Hot To Sleep.”
It was a time of difficult changes but also a time a musical rebirth for me.
And the musical part if the biggest part of what we all do.

What is your favourite Survivor song? And why?

I do not have a favorite song really. There are a lot of tunes I like and I don’t think I would be able tap pick a favourite.

What is the proudest moment so far in your music life?

The time around “Eye of The Tiger” when we won a Grammy, won The People’s Choice Award.
We were nominated for an academy Award and a Golden Globe award and other things I do not totally recall.
It is a fun thing to be around so much excitement!


Interview by Andy Flash for Artrock webzine.