Promotion for Crown Of Thorns album "Faith" 2008

Jean Beauvoir Interview October 2008 (e-mail)

The new Crown of Thorns album Faith is out now. What is your feel about the album?

At the moment, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I'm never 100% satisfied with anything but that's ok.
The reactions have been good so far and that means a lot.

What is your favorite song on Faith?

Maybe Living in the Shadows, but my favourite song will change as time goes on.

How does the songwriting and recording process work?

I usually start the writing with just ideas into a tape recorder, just melodies, riffs etc.
When I have enough, I listen and start recording basic demos of what I believe are the best ideas.
The band members send their riffs or ideas as well. I usually do lyrics last unless the idea comes right away.
We mix it all up and decide on the songs to be recorded. Usually 6-10 songs don't make the album.

It took awhile between Faith and Karma. What was the major reason for that?

It felt like it was time for a break, I was asked to be Managing Director of Steven Van Zandt's rock and roll company Renegade Nation and that took up a lot of my time.
We were getting mail from fans asking when's a new record coming?
We always kept in touch as a band and realized we all were getting the itch to make another record. Frontiers contacted me and it was time.

Will we get to see Crown Of Thorns on tour in 2009?

Not sure yet but we are in talks about doing some dates. We're checking into agents, festivals etc.

Any plans for another solo album?

Not at the moment, too much to do, I'm concentrating on Crown of Thorns.

Any plans for a dvd with all your solo videos,Voodoo X and Crown Of Thorns with some live stuff on there as well?
Actually, we released an album called Raw Thorns some years back that had the whole video collection.
We'll probably do it again with all the updated stuff at one point.

Over the years you have written some amazing songs with Paul Stanley.
Are there any songs that haven't seen the light of day yet and will the two of you work together again?

Thanks! There are a couple in the vault! I have to get to that vault and go listen again. As far as future, you never know.

Any plans for another Little Steven & the Disciples Of Soul album?

Lot's of people ask about that, he's as busy if not busier than I am! I'm really not sure.

Have you ever been asked to join the E-Street band?

Actually no, but I was invited on the European tour this year.
It was very cool, Steven and I did business for our company during the tour but it was an honour to travel like a band member.
It made me miss playing.

Is there any dream project you would like to do?

I've always wanted to do a rock musical that I would write or co-write for.
Perhaps star in it as well with a band, that could be fun.
I would also love to do a tour pulling the best songs from all the years.
Combine an orchestra, background singers with the band to get the absolute most out of the songs.

What band or artist is your biggest influence?
It was several, I loved Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Rod Stewart (early days), AC/DC, Foreigner, The Beatles, The Stones to name some.

Over the years is there any offers to join another band that you have turned down?

Billy Idol, Prince, Michael Jackson and there were a few others.

What is the proudest moment so far in your music life?
My first hit record as a solo artist, "Feel The Heat" which came after a very difficult time in my life.
Since I had written, produced, played all the instruments on my own, it was truly self-satisfying and felt like a great accomplishment.

What is your all time favorite song of the ones you've written?
I think that's an impossible question to answer, but good question!!!

Any message to all your Swedish fans?
Love you all, Sweden is my heart and hope to see you all face to face soon!

Interview by Andy Flash for Artrock webzine.