Promotion for Starbreaker album "Love's Dying Wish" 2008

Tony Harnell Interview October 2008 (e-mail)

How did Starbreaker get started?

Serafino at Frontiers introduced Magnus and I to each other through the internet back in 2004.

How does the songwriting and recording process work?

Different ways but it's mostly long distance.
We did write some stuff in person but the majority of it was written apart, but we worked as closely as we could over the internet.

What do you think is the biggest difference between the debut and Love's Dying Wish?

LDW is more contemporary and darker.

Any plans to take Starbreaker to the stage?

You never know!

Will there be a third album?

Can't really say. We'd all be up for it I am sure but it's uncertain at this point.


Any plans for a 4th studio album?

Possibly, we've discussed it, there would be a drastic line up change however, so we'll see.

Morning Wood
Any plans for a follow up album?

Sort of, but not exactly. You'll see what I mean soonJ

Brazen Abbot
Will you appear on the next album?



What was the highlight of the time in TNT?

Besides leaving I would say probably just the many great moments writing songs with Ronni over the years.
We developed a silent communication through our music that doesn't happen often. That was cool.

What is your favourite TNT album & song?

My Religion is my favorite and my favorite song is a toss up between Song 4 Dianne, Perfectly and Give me A sign.

Will the new Ep Cinematic be released more than on your website?

No, it's a special release just for fans I have and also future fans. It may end up that you can download some songs but for now it's just an "in house" release.

How is the solo album going?

It's going well, we've got most of it written but I keep writing so we'll see where it goes, and other projects come along that need my immediate attention.
Also I have not shopped any of my songs to any labels as I want to keep my options open when it's done and own everything so we'll see what happens.

Who is playing on it?

Various talented people like Stefan Gustavsson from the band Pound that I produced last year.
Killer talent and not a shredder at all, though he can, he's a songwriter and an amazingly talented guitarist and singer and he understands what a good song is.

Any release date yet?

Nope :) But it won't take as long as Chinese Democracy!

Who will be in your live band?

Not confirmed yet. Depends on where I play. I may have two different bands for different places.

Is there any dream project you would like to do?

Oh many. I have a theatrical project I've been working on that I would like to finish and start performing and many other ideas on the table.

You and Joe Lynn Turner go a long way back.
Any plans to make a record together?

We've talked about it, but he is so busy, he is a hard man to pin down for 5 minutes, but you never know. I have deep respect for him as a person and a singer.

What band or artist is your biggest influence?
Life is my biggest influence and then the Beatles, Queen and just stack them up behind those two!

Over the years is there any offers to join another band that you have turned down?
Yes but I am not at liberty to say which ones.

What is the proudest moment so far in your music life?
I have had many but my proudest has yet to arrive!

To end on a personal note I like to thank you for the musical journey you've taken us all on
and since you're one of my favorite singers of all time I hope to see you on a stage in Sweden very very soon.
Nothing but the best for the forthcoming things to come.
Any message to your Swedish fans?

First of all thank you for the kind thoughts and my message to the Swedish fans is that I can't wait to perform there again. I love Sweden!!

Interview by Andy Flash for Artrock webzine.