Promotion for "Vital Designs" (2008)

Tony Mills Interview February 13th 2008 (e-mail)

You have a new solo album “Vital Designs” coming out April 8th.
Fill us in what we can expect from this release.

A hard album, with great grooves on guitar, serious solo work and many melodies; a sinister sounding album full of emotion.

Style: Dark, Melodic Groove Metal

Favorite track: 'Give Me A Reason'

Players: Neil Hibbs, Morty Black, Oddvar Krogstad, Bob Richards, Eric Ragno and Joe Basketts.

Writers: Tony Mills / Neil Hibbs / Eric Ragno.

Producer: Tony Mills

Record Company: Artist Interaction Music distributed through Cargo (UK)

Will there be a solo tour?
Promo tour starts in Norway 9 April

Who will be in the band?
Neil Hibbs, Erik Engerbretsen, Lise Wolden, Marianne Sveen, Oddvar Krogstad and Joe Basketts.

What songs will be included in the setlist?
The whole of the album, 'Vital Designs and some earlier SIAM tracks.

It can’t have been an easy choice to leave one band you have been in for so many years (SHY) to take over in a band that also has a great history.
What was your main decision?

Motivation and hunger to want to succeed !

What is the hardest part with replacing Tony Harnell?
Probably Fan base expectation, although Tony left me a challenging legacy vocally, most of which, I've managed to swing to my way of thinking.

When were you introduced to the band TNT and what did you think about the band then?
In March 2006; I always knew they had achieved great things, and were still interested in being successful for the rest of their career, that was a magnet for me,
I wanted to work with people who wanted to work, so we got on great.

Last year TNT did a 25th Anniversary gig in Oslo with orchestra. Any plans to release that gig on cd or dvd?
Yes, I've recently been watching the film footage from Oslo , Sentrum, it is in the pipeline.

What is your favourite TNT album?
My Religion.

What is your favourite TNT song?
Strangely enough, 'My Religion' !

In the TNT camp how does the writing process work?
Ronni Le Tekro writes the music and gives me ideas for melodies, I come up with the lyrics.

Have TNT started work on the follow up to The New Territory?
Meetings commence, in Oslo, week 2 in March.

What do you think of these trends?

Cover albums: (Any plans to do one?)
Nope !

Play whole albums start to finish live: (If so which one?)
The new solo album 'Vital Designs'.

Package tours: (With what 1-2 bands who you like to be part of?)
Nope !

How does the rest of 2008 have in store for Tony Mills?
Finishing the mixing of Vital Designs, touring Norway to promote the album, skydiving with the Norwegian special forces in aid of Autistic Children,
recording a new TNT album in May, and playing with Glenn Hughes and Def Leppard in the summer. The rest, I dont know yet !

At last I must say it’s been a great journey to follow TNT over the years and I hope the best is yet to come. Any famous last words for your Swedish TNT & Tony Mills fans?
What can I say ? The Scandinavian fans of rock music show an absolute devotion to TNT and they are unmatched in the world, I would say.
I have talked with as many of them as I can and they are amazing people.
People have been supportive throughout my career and I indulge them as much as I can.
In fact I have met many good musicians in the fanbase that I currently work with as well.
An inspiring continent.
Thank you all .

Interview by Andy Flash for Artrock webzine.