Andi Starr

Album: New Warm World
Genre: Melodic-driven gentle folk-rock
Release Date: June 2009 (UK) Out Now!!!!

Formed in Portland & California,USA

Andi Starr-Vocals,keyboard, organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, and percussion


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

5th album from American Andi Starr.
The emotion of the music on this album is just amazing.
Great playing and her voice flows like a river across the songs.
The album has a soundtrack feel and a vison of a journey through a window of a train or car.
Close your eyes and let the music fill your soul and lift your spirit towards yours dreams.
13 songs with the multitalented Andi is sure something for the heart & soul.
A great album to start the day with or go to bed with and a sure thing to bring on your travels.

BEST TRACK : New Warm World

SOUNDS LIKE : Tori Amos,Sheryl Crow,Jewell