Andrea Baroni

Album: Traces Of Humanity
Genre: Progressive Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date May 2009

From Livorno,Italy

Andrea Baroni:Keyboards,Piano,Vocals,Samples
Valentina Iacopinelli:Vocals


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Solo album from Icycore keyboard player.
To be honest it didn't take long to hear that this wasn't an album that would come to my liking.
A futuristic mix of sounds and voices.
Most songs feels like they are from a science fiction soundtrack.
Even thou this ain't my cup of tea there's still a brilliant production and lots of cool & great keyboard playing.
For keyboard and fantasy/science fiction fans this is an album for you to check out.

BEST TRACK : In The Hours Of Darkness

SOUNDS LIKE : Jean-Michel Jarre,Yes,Saga,Depeche Mode,Enigma