Album: World On Fire
Genre: Rock/Metal
Release Date: Out Now !!!

Formed in Birmingham,England 2004

Pete Easthope:Vocals, Guitar
Phil Easthope:Bass, Vocals
Simon Cooper:Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

British rockers Angel House debut album "World On Fire" starts off with the brilliant track "Mask".The trio shines and plays their hearts out.
Through out the 10 track album there are more moments like this but sadly a little too few.
It's a solid good rock album but I miss more stand out tracks like "Revolution","Knowledge" and "World On Fire"
There's style of Angel House reminds me the most of the classic Tygers Of Pan Tang albums Spellbound and Crazy Nights.
Good melodies,powerfull guitar riffs and a driving energy.
Angel House is a great addition to the British hardrock scene and a band I believe have much more to prove.
"World On Fire" is just the beginning but a damn fine one.


SOUNDS LIKE : Tygers Of Pan Tang,Ufo,Waysted,Demon,Diamond Head