Album: Certainties and Doubts
Genre: Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Alingsås,Sweden

Svante Widerström:Lead Vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard
Jonas Hjortstam:Lead guitar
Fredrik Falkerstedt:Lead Guitar
Gunnar Hansson:Drums
Mats Lilja:Background vocals


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Second album from Swedish rock act Abogast.
Being Swedish myself and having heard so many different bands doing this rock/punk kinda stuff for years now.
And still there's not one of them that have impressed me with anything and Abogast is no different.
It may work at the Hultsfred Festival or in America but it sure ain't working with me.
Once The Tip Of The Spear is the only song that has a little potention in my book,but it sure ain't enough.
Nice try but you can't win them all...

BEST TRACK : Once The Tip Of The Spear

SOUNDS LIKE : The Hives,Soundtrack Of Our Lives...