Big Mama Scandal

Album: By You
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Bulgaria 1991

Ivailo “Ivo” Gotchev – vocal,acoustic guitars,keyboards
Ivan Liubomirov – guitar,vocals,keyboards
Kostadin Shumarov – drums,vocals
Nikolay “Five” Daradidov – bass,vocals


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Bulgarian rockers Big Mama Scandal delievers album nr 4.
Great big rock with lots of melodies.
Brilliant singer with a cool voice that stands out.
The production is perfect for the songs.
There are songs with big radio hit potensial here among others the title track By You and Another.
This is a band I'm sure can go far world wide.
And they have already toured with the likes of Bonfire & Kingdom Come so with more gigs like that...
I'm sure the reputation of Big Mama Scandal will be spread wide and big.

BEST TRACK : I'll Take You

SOUNDS LIKE : Gotthard,Goo Goo Dolls,Bonfire