Big Rocket

Album: Big Rocket
Genre: Rock & Roll
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Houston,USA

Ron Harris - Drums, Percussion and Vocals
Mike Ballew - Guitar, Lead guitar and Vocals
Ross Staben - Bass Guitar and Vocals


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut cd from Texas rockers Big Rocket.
The trio delivers 70´s rock with a little modern punk into the mix.
A good sounding production with a live feel.
Broken,I Believe and This Life are 3 great ones among the 10 on the album.
There's some great guitarplaying in Time but the solo part should have been longer.
This is a pretty good start and hopefully the band will rise to the next level on albums to come.

BEST TRACK : I Believe

SOUNDS LIKE : Blue Öyster Cult,Ac/Dc,Cheap Trick,ZZ Top,Green Day