Blazing Clash

EP: Princess Of Rock
Genre: Hardrock/Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Milan,Italy

Daniele Brusegan:Vocals
Fabio Astro:Guitar
Alberto Lana:Bass
Salvatore Meloni :Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

5 track EP debut from Italian hardrock band Blazing Clash.
Opening "Prelude" is an instrumental pieces with some good guitarsolo playing.
Back From The War: A lot of Maiden/Manowar here but with a more melodic chorus.Great track.
Made Up To Be A Monster:My favorite track. Some Saxon "Princess Of Night" in this one with another good chorus.Daniele Brusegan sure can hit the high notes.
The Hammer: Fast German/Helloween 80's metal .My least favorite track.
Princess Of Rock:The title track.Some Motörhead attitude in this one.A cool showstopper.

There's a lot of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in the style of Blazing Clash with some Manowar & Helloween thrown into the grinder.
A pretty good start and hopefully a full album will be done with a better/bigger production and even more good metal tunes.

BEST TRACK : Made Up To Be A Monster

SOUNDS LIKE : Saxon,Iron Maiden,Motörhead,Helloween,Manowar,