Album Title: War Maniacs
Genre: Melodic Rock/AOR
Release Date: 9/9/09 Out Now!!!!

Formed in Italy,1994

Bruno Kraler - Leadvox, Guitars (Dark Sky and Nightpride)
Bobby Altvater - Guitars
Allessandro Del Vecchio - Keys, BG's (Eden's Curse /Edge Of Forever / Moonstone Project )
John Billings - Bass Guitar
Dominik Hülshorst - Drums (Bonfire)
Lino - Lead Solo
Alessandra Funaro - Lead Solo


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Forth studio solo album from ex-Dark Sky and Nightpride frontman Bruno Kraler.
Good melodicrock is delivered with some great choruses like in Liar and Julia.
It's a well produced 11 track album with lots of highlights.
The Ac/Dc cover Touch Too Much is done in a pretty fitting way and suits in good with the rest of the songs.
Last track of the album Painless Skies is a ballad the cd would have done better without.
War Maniacs is a great record with some great players from various bands.
The sound is tight and some of these tracks will sure really come alive even more on the stages across Europe.
Are you a fan of the band listed below be sure to check out Brunorock both on album and live.

BEST TRACK : Breakthrough

SOUNDS LIKE : Gotthard,Bonfire,Fair Warning,Treat,Krokus