Album:Seas Of Blood
Label:Jericho Hill Records
Release Date:Out Now

Formed in Portland 2004

Cruella - Vocals
John Graveside - Guitar
Jack Doran - Bass
Jenny Williamson - Keys
Runtt - Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Progressive/Metal band By Blood Alone from America make their full album debut after releasing an EP "Eternally" back in 2005.
The 8 track "Seas Of Blood" is filled with epic tracks with most clocking in around 7 minutes.
There's a theatrical vein running through the record and I have a feeling that most of the songs will become even better on stage.
One big difference from other bands in this genra that have female vocalists is that Cruella ain't no opera style singer which is very refreshing.
She's more a combination of Pat Benatar & Björk.
The debut album is a good start and I'll be looking forward to hearing what's coming next.
I hope for a more powerful production and even bigger songs in the future.

BEST TRACK : Serpentarius

SOUNDS LIKE : Nightwish,Dream Theater,Kansas,Kamelot