Album: - Obvious
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent Records & Temple of Now Productions/BMI
Release Date: - Out Now

From Sacramento, CA

Calie Cox-Acoustic Guitar/Lead Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/All Vocals
Braden Wesgate-Guitar
Mark Stengel-Guitar
Mark Gibson-Bass
Jason Baxter-Synths
JJ Francis-Mandolin
Joe Palomino-Drums
Henry Mitchell-Drums



Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Calie Cox does alot on his own on this "Obvious" album and he does it damn fine in a great 70's Rush tradition.
Lots of brilliant songs for fans of Rush & Triumph to check out.
Especially the powerful opening track "Getting Into Ourselves" and "Sinners Of The Flesh" which I think I would have picked as the first single.
"Midnight's Dreaming" is another great song with some Led Zeppelin/Kansas feeling too it.
"Spellbound" with it's fantastic guitarsolo is up there with the best of the 13 tracks.
A bigger production and maybe cut the album 2-3 tracks shorter and this album would get jackpot reviews all over the place.
The Songs,The Singer and The Players are there for sure.

BEST TRACK : Getting Into Ourselves

SOUNDS LIKE : Rush,Triumph,Marillion,Saga