Album: Magic Rocks
Genre: Classic Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Ontario,Canada

Gordon Edwards- Vocals
Anthony Ristovski-Guitar
Brad Stella-Bass
Derek Giverson-Keyboards
Paul Cooper-Drums & Piano


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from Canadian rockers Cooper.
"Magic Rocks" is all written by Paul Cooper and it has some rock magic within it's 9 tracks.
Heavy rock riffs and tight rhythms.A perfect raw production.
Mind runs to a mix of Led Zeppelin,Lynch Mob & Rush.
A little Beatles vibes in the acoustic "Find A Way".
Intrumental track "Old Man" is one I wished they would have done longer (2:43) and gone epic on with vocals as well.
"Drummers Paradise" gives Moby Dick a run for the money as it delivers some damn cool drumming.
The overall feel of the album is 70's hardrock with some exellent playing and singer Gordon Edwards does a brilliant job.
Cooper shows a music on this record that are made for the stage.
If the Magic Rocks tour hits your sure to get the best ticket in the house.

BEST TRACK : Black Sheep

SOUNDS LIKE : Lynch Mob,Led Zeppelin,Rush,Badlands,Ufo