Dame Fortune

Album: The Secret Art
Genre: Rock / Alternative / Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date June 2009

Formed in California,USA 2002

Mike James:Guitars & Vocals
Jeff Wire:Bass & Vocals
David Blake:Guitars & Vocals
John Merritt:Drums & Vocals




Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

3rd album from American rockers Dame Fortune.
Producer Kevin Valentine is most known for his drumming with Shadow King and on the Kiss album Psycho Circus.
The sound is raw, live and straight to the point.
The 14 tracks is a good mix of 70-80's rock.
There's alot of songs in the vein of the Ace side of Kiss and Ted Nugent.
The members all provides with lead vocals.
This is a solid rock record with great players and singers.
Could this the famous third record syndrome-the big break one?
With some good pr and a special guest slot with a major band then I wouldn't be surprized at all.

BEST TRACK : If You Will Not When You May (You May Not When You Will)

SOUNDS LIKE : Cheap Trick,Ted Nugent,Keel,Kiss,Ace Frehley/Frehley's Comet