Dirty Beloved

Album: Letters From A Broken Home
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Ottawa,Canada 2005

Armin Kamal:Vocals/Guitar
Michael Hope:Guitar
Todd Jodoin:Bass
Neil Grandy:Drums




Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

First album A World Made For You was released in 2007.
In 2009 it was time for nr.2 Letters From A Broken Home.
Opener Blind Eye Of God shows a cool mixture of styles.
The fury in the guitars on the track Take Good Care is simply brilliant.
These two tracks sure got my attention among the ten tracks.
But on the downside most of the other 8 just rolled on by.
A little uneven album,but the highlights a damn fine ones.

BEST TRACK : Blind Eye Of God

SOUNDS LIKE : Alice In Chains,Soundgarden,Fear Factory,Rage Against The Machine