Album: The Truth About Us
Genre: Rock
Release Date: Out Now !!!

From New Jersey,USA

Jon Sitar:Vocals
Evan Canova:Guitar
Jeff Moczydlowski:Guitar
Ted Agelis:Bass
Andy Zampella:Drums



Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

5 track promoteaser from the album "The Truth About Us".
"Breaking","The Truth About Us","All I Know","Change","Reasons" .
First to be honest this ain't really my cup of tea at all. But I'd be stupid not to hear that this band have a shot of becoming huge and I do mean very huge in America.
Radio and MTV would eat up every single song out of these five tracks.
Songs like "Breaking" and "All I Know" could become nr 1 singles in the U.S. and maybe elsewhere in the world as well.
And I must say out of the bands in this style I've heard Dive is now my favorite of them all. Good production and some great melodies.
If the rest of the album holds the same class this band will be dangerous on the charts...

BEST TRACK : Breaking

SOUNDS LIKE : Sum 41,The Calling,My Chemical Romance,Linkin Park