Album: Living Kills
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/Power Metal
Release Date: Out Now !!!

Formed in Lorraine,France 2006

Stefan Tudela:Vocals
Yoan Da Costa:Guitar
Maxence Hugues:Guitar
Benjamin Nogaret:Drums



Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Power Metal from France.
Songs filled with fast and melodic guitarriffs and singer Stefan Tudela (ex Northwind) fits in nice with his high light powerful voice.
The album has many highlights including "Path of Life", "You'll Sink" and "Run".
Eden Sands have put a solid 9 track album out with only one real lowpoint ,the ballad "From Dark To Light".
It's a very weak and boring track that doesn't do the band any favours at all.
I'm pretty sure that the band will be a nice addition to the European metal festivals for years to come.

BEST TRACK : Path Of Life

SOUNDS LIKE : Helloween,Edguy,Symphony X,Masterplan