Erik Scott

Album: Other Planets
Genre: Dreamy Instrumental Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date June 2009

Formed in Chicago,USA

Erik Scott:Bass,Keyboards


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

After being a recoding artist for 35 years it's now time a solo debut album from Erik Scott.
Over the years Erik have recorded with Flo & Eddie among others in the 70's.
He joined Alice Cooper on the Flush The Fashion tour and after that did 2 albums (Special Forces & Zipper Catches Skin) and tours between 80-83.
After Alice he did recordings with the likes of Kim Carnes,Randy Newman and the classic AOR album Loud & Clear with Signal.
And on a break from his since 1992 band Sonia Dada he now releases the solo "Other Planets" album.
"Other Planets" is an instrumental album that is very bass & keyboard oriented.
This is a great record with some beautiful songs on it and Erik's playing is just brilliant.
A good variation in the tracks between everything from Pink Floyd,Gary Moore (especially the break in "Empty Rooms"),soundtrack scores to real groovy bass jams.
For bass fans of Neil Murray,Tony Levin & Tony Franklin among others.Check this cd out for influence.
For music lovers this cd i recommend for after midnight activities,just play around with the groove ;)
"Other Planets" is a great solo debut but next time I would like vocals added to the mix because the music and melodies on this album would sure become magical with the right voice.

BEST TRACK : Other Planets (Sundogs)

SOUNDS LIKE : Pink Floyd,"Soundtrack Scores"