Album:Experienced Zydeco Riders
Genre:Rock/Blues Rock/Southern Rock
Label: Mesa/Bluemoon Records / Vigilante Music
Release Date:April 2009

Formed in Macerata,Italy 2007

Alessandro Alessandrini: Guitar & Vocals
Luigi Ridolfi: Bass & Vocals
Rodolfo Ridolfi: Drums & Vocals



Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from Italian Rock/Blues band E.Z. Riders.
This is a tight rocking trio that introduces some brilliant 60's /70's feel to the jam.
There's alot of southern rock influences but also some early Quo vibes and some Eagles.
Great live feel on the tracks like it should be.
12 original songs that just makes me wanna get the party started.
So you're looking for that perfect summer party rock album- This one's for you!!!!!!!!


BEST TRACK : Real Good Love

SOUNDS LIKE : Georgia Satellites,Eagles,Status Quo,Lynyrd Skynyrd,ZZ Top