Album: All The Wicked
Genre:Rock / Metal / Grunge
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in New Hampshire ,USA

Ben Phillips-guitar/vocals
Mark Damon-bass/vocals
Jamie Perkins-drums



Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

First cd from American metal trio Famous.
Filled with some heavy darkness and kick ass energy & attitude this album is sure a damn fine beginning of something that will become Famous.
Great mix of sounds of metal,rock,punk & grunge.
Good sounding production and tight playing
Some of the finest moments here are Black Hole,Today I'm Gonna Kill The World,Heaven Will Come & Only 15.
Last of the 9 tracks Give Me Your Soul is a haunting acoustic track in the vein of Johnny Cash.
The debut fires hope for the future and is sure a band to look out for when they hit the stage.

Also got the treat of a 3 track cd featuring songs from the forthcoming second album
(Death By Rock N Roll,Swallow My Evil,Going To A Funeral)
And those tracks makes you looking forward to the next one even more.
Famous is sure off to a good start and what can stand in their way of becoming very Famous very soon?

BEST TRACK : Heaven Will Come

SOUNDS LIKE : Soundgarden,Pride & Glory,Alice In Chains,Buckcherry