Full Blown Mosey

Album: Temporal Cadence
Genre: Classic Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Wyoming,USA

Greg Scott:Vocals & Guitar
Rocky Harting:Guitar & Synths
Krik Warren:Bass & Vocals
Jamie:Drums (present)
Dale Ortega:Drums (on record)




Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut from American rockers Full Blown Mosey.
Delivering a mix of early Poison & Tygers Of Pan Tang with some classic Ted Nugent.
It's a pretty good debut album but for the next one everything needs to take a big step up.
I'm sure the band is great live and needs to capture that more in the studio.
Still there are some great moments on the album here and there.
Full Blown Mosey is a party rock band and songs like Mistaken,Saturday Night and Fast Moving Shadow sure proves that.
Hope the band gets to the next level in they're attitude of kick ass rock and take the show into the living room next time around.

BEST TRACK : Saturday Night

SOUNDS LIKE : Poison,Tygers Of Pan Tang,Ted Nugent