Demo EP:Linked In Eternity

Formed in Sweden

Jörgen Söderberg - Lead Vox
Tomi Peltonen - Guitars, Vox
Stefan Törnblom - Guitars, Vox
Kristian Huotari - Drums, Vox
Harri Tuovila - Bass, Vox


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

This 5 track demo EP from Swedish melodic metal band Griffen is just the begining of this bands bright future.
From the opening "Linked In Eternity" with it's nice features of Ozzy's "No More Tears" riffs on to the favorite "Secret Fire".
"Falling Inside" has a bit of a Alice In Chains feel but still sounds more intressting then they ever did.
"The Hydra" and "Life Is On The Way" are ending the EP with some great melodic hardrock.
The sound of Griffen reminds me the most of the most melodic side of Dio & Sabbath with the grooves and riffs from early Dokken.
Brilliant playing and singing.With a full production Griffen can reach high on the metal scene around the world.
Looking forward to the band's debut album to be released in 2009 on Heart Of Steel records.

BEST TRACK : Secret Fire

SOUNDS LIKE : Dio,Ozzy Osbourne,Black Sabbath,Dokken,Alice In Chains