Album:Walk The Wild
Label:Triple A-Metal
Release Date:Out Now

Formed in Spain 2002

Toni Amboaje - Lead vocals
Gansan - Lead guitar
Miguel Rubio - Rhythm guitar & backing vocals
Davo Camporro - Bass & backing vocals
David Menen - Drums & percussion



Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from Spanish band Hard Spirit. "Walk The Wild" is a great hardrock album with 11 tracks that in a whole feels very even.
From the start with kickass anthem "Rock Is Life", that I'm sure will become a live favorite.
"Daydream On The Ground" is another of my favorite songs on this record.
But it is track nr:3 that takes the price of best song: "Every Street Of Sorrow" is just brilliant.
Album title track is an epic one over 7 min and the closing ballad "Winter Days" really brings a strong feeling of the Skid Row ballads over the years.
Singer Toni Amboaje has a great rough rocker voice in vein of Harry Hess & Johnny Solinger
and his Spanish accent shines through at times and some may not like that but I think it brings a very cool flavour to his voice that makes it different to many other singers in this genre.
One of the few things I don't like about "Walk The Wild" is the drumsound. Wish they would have used a more raw/rocking sound then a too much triggered drums.
But overall a great debut from a band I have a feeling we'll hear much more from in the future.

BEST TRACK : Every Street Of Sorrow

SOUNDS LIKE : Skid Row,Tesla,Nuclear Valdez,Harem Scarem,Nickleback