Hazy Hamlet

Album: Forging Metal
Genre: Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Brazil 1999

Arthur Migotto:Vocals
Julio Bertin:Guitar
Fabio Nakahara:Bass
Cadu Madera:Drums




Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

After a couple of demos,an ep and a single NOW it's time for a first full-length album from Brazillian metal band Hazy Hamlet.
The result is a ten track record called Forging Metal.
Big metal banging songs with lots of power & attitude is delivered on this debut in the vein of Manowar & lots of German metal bands.
Pretty good debut and I'm sure this band would become a pretty popular act on the European metal festivals (especially in Germany).
It would be intressting to hear the follow up if the band decides to use a big european metal name for the production or just the mix.
Big plus to the cover.Fantastic.

BEST TRACK : Black Masquerade

SOUNDS LIKE : Manowar,Hammerfall,Accept,U.D.O.,Running Wild