Heavy Water Experiments

Album: Heavy Water Experiments
Genre: Avant-/psychedelic rock
Record Label: Cargo
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Los Angeles,USA

David Melbye:Vocals,Guitar
Rebecca Black :Keyboards
Rick Staggs :Bass
Roberto Salguero:Drums




Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from American psychedelic rockers Heavy Water Experiments.
There's a nice flow through the 12 tracks.
This album should have been released somewhere between 66' and 69'. This is a 60's record!
The whole of the record is very good with lots of great playing,singing and a very fitted production.(wish it was on vinyl)
With a cool mix of Pink Floyd and The Doors with a little bits of Zeppelin and Beatles in there as well on the magic carpet ride.
To say the least it's a groovy journey back in flying colors to the creative and experimental end of the sixties.

BEST TRACK : Goldenthroat

SOUNDS LIKE : Pink Floyd,The Doors,Led Zeppelin,Beatles