Album Title: Oblivious to the Obvious
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!

Formed in Utah,USA

Michael Turner-Vocals
Brick Williams-Guitars
Eric Blood-Bass
Jerry Stenquist-Keyboards
John Dunston-Drums




Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Third album from American Progressive Rock/Metal band Hourglass.
And it's an epic album to say the least.
10 tracks on a double cd with 5 on each.The longest track is the titel track Oblivious to the Obvious that clocks in at 30:33!!!
Only 2 songs are under 8 minutes. And the whole album have a running time of 139 minutes.
The production is great and majestic the way it should be.
Good variety among and within the tracks.
On The Brink and Estranged are two of the stand out songs.
Fantastic vocals from Michael Turner and the band is just amazing.
A gigantic break should be just around the corner for these gentlemen.
Because after an album like this,they sure as hell deserve it.


BEST TRACK : On The Brink

SOUNDS LIKE : Symphony X,Dream Theater,Savatage,Rush,Fates Warning,Queensryche