Hybrid Ice

Album Title: Mind's Eye
Genre: Progressive Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Pennsylvania,USA

Chris Alburger:Guitar & Vocals
Rusty Foulke: Guitar & Vocals
Rick Klinger:Drums & Vocals
Robert S Richardson:Keyboards & Vocals
Mike Boarman:Bass




Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Their debut album Hybrid Ice was released in 1982,the follow up No Rules in 1987 now in 2009 it's time for nr. 3 Mind's Eye.
Melodic progressive rock echoes through the albums 9 tracks.
Mind's Eye is a well written and produced album.
There's alot of first class songs here like Fight Another Day and Bring The Gold.
Some great guitarplaying in Sadder Day Morn and the verses in the heavy Stop Searching is just brilliant.
The title track is another heavy track with majestic keyboardplaying.
Only The Lonely with it's Beatles start and powerful continuation steals the best track award from opener Fight Another Day.
Closing track is the epic Kansas style Faith Without Works clocking in at 9:44. A very cool track indeed.
Mind's Eye is a solid comeback album with no weak tracks among the 9.
I sure hope we don't have to wait 22 years for a forth album...

BEST TRACK : Only The Lonely

SOUNDS LIKE : Kansas,Styx,Boston,Yes,Survivor