Infinite Tone

Album: Impossi-Bull
Genre: Pure Power Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date May 2009

Formed in Laval, Quebec ,Canada

Inno Fabbro :Vocals
Bruno Di Medio :Guitar


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from Canadian rockers Infinite Tone.
The duo Inno and Bruno brings a guitar driven rock with lots of feel of the 70's.
The opening trio of songs "Impossi-Bull", "My Friend Matt" and "Burn!" shows what must be the bands biggest influence:Ian Gillan.
Even thou there's some Deep Purple vibes it's the 80's Gillan records that is shining through in the performance.
Especially the melodies and the play on words where Gillan is one the masters.
The ballad "Picture Of You" is a beautiful piece of music as well as the more epic track "In My Eyes".
"Edge Of Time" have a Iron Maiden (Blaze era) feel of it.
This is a great first album but I think it's missing alot of what this music needs and that is the LIVE feel to it.
The production is good but a little stiff.
Make the songs come more alive next time around and Infinite Tone will have an even more lethal rocker in their hands.

BEST TRACK : Impossi-Bull

SOUNDS LIKE : Gillan,Deep Purple,Cheap Trick