Album: Forty Six Minutes,Twelve Seconds Of Music
Genre: Alternative / Progressive / Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date June 2009

Formed in New York,USA

Anadale:Vocals & Guitar
Mike Rudin:Bass
Joe Reilly:Keyboards
Louis Abramson:Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from N.Y.C. rockers Jolly.
The band have a broad mix in their music and at times it feels like a metal version of Depeche Mode.
Opening track "Escape From DS-3" is an epic cool and haunting track with some amazing vocals.
Many of the songs would fit as movie scores and on soundtracks.
The nine tracks takes you on a journey for 46:12 and it's intressting to say the least.
The band is tight,still with lots of fantasy and freedom in their playing that drives the songs.
Vocalist Anadale is a soon to be a world wide name if he impresses as much live as he does on cd.
I got a feeling the big stages are calling for Jolly soon,very soon.

BEST TRACK : Escape From DS-3

SOUNDS LIKE : Depeche Mode,Pink Floyd,Type O Negative,Marillion,U2