Album: Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus
Genre: Modern Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date May 2009

Formed in USA 2001

Holly Joy:Vocals
Rikk Currence :VocalsGuitar,Bass,Keyboards,Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

With a couple of albums and singles in their suitcases JoyFocus is back with the new album Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus.
Holly Joy have a great voice with some country feel and gives the pop/rock tracks the right touch.
Rikk Currence is the player and writer of the band and is mixing it up very good.
Opening track "Audrey Is Gone" is a cool epic pop/rocker with a Brian May feel to the guitarsolo.
"Princess Samantha" has little Pink to it. Would do very nice on radio and MTV.
"Prayer" is a Hooters/Don Henley sounding duet between Holly & Rikk.
The Eurythmics cover "Here Comes The Rain Again" fits in with the originals very well.
Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus is an album filled with potential hit singles and I wish JoyFocus nothing but the best.

BEST TRACK : Audrey Is Gone

SOUNDS LIKE : Roxette,Pink,Eurythmics,The Cars,Pat Benatar,Shania Twain