EP: Bet Everything
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock/Melodic Rock
Label: Anko Music
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date April 2009

Formed in Rome,Italy 2002

The Doc:Keyboards
Mr. Svarione:Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

"Bet Everything" is the EP debut from Knyght.
The young Italians have a style of Poison,Warrant yes you know the mid 80's L.A. sound.
Singer Tommy reminds me alot of Bret Michaels on the first Poison album but needs to work on his English.
One of the finest details on the EP is the pianoplaying on the track Heaven or Hell.
This is a good start for this young band.
I'm sure within time the band will grow into their own and become even better songwriters.
There's alot of potential in these 5 tracks but there's lots of work needs to be done.Especially lyrically.
I'd say within 3-4 years Knyght will be a force to be recon with and could Go Anywhere but for now they're just ok.
And that ain't bad, it's just the beginning...

BEST TRACK : Goin Anywhere

SOUNDS LIKE : Poison,Warrant,Faster PussyCat,Easy Action