Album: Made In China
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/Pop Rock
Release Date:May 2009 Out Now!!!!

Formed in Chengdu,China 2004

Yvon Serre -Guitars,Vocals
Billy Ren -Bass,Vocals
Mark Mcleod -Keys,Vocals
Cris Yang -Drums





Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

First album from rockers M.I.C.
Made In China is filled with party rockers.
There's alot of Status Quo in their songs and they do it good.
A couple of stand out tracks including Take A Look and Rock & Roll.
This is the kind of music that really comes alive on stage.
But M.I.C. have really captured the live feel on the record.
This is a pretty fun album to put on at the next party.
If you like good old time rock n roll ala' Quo, then this one is for you.

BEST TRACK : Rock & Roll

SOUNDS LIKE : Status Quo,Ac/Dc,Mott The Hoople,Slade,