Name In Vain

Album: Name In Vain (ep)
Genre: Metal,Hardrock
Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Formed in Rhode Island,USA

Matt Pelosi:Vocals
Bobby Klang:Guitar
John Heroux:Bass
Jeremy Jutras:Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

EP debut from Name In Vain.
Great and heavy production lifts the 4 tracks.
Singer Matt Pelosi has a cool and strong metal voice that's a wicked combination of Billy Idol & Chuck Billy.
The whole band sounds great and I got a feeling the band will crush even more on stage.
The track Persecuted is my absolute favorite track.Great riffs and grooves. Mean & evil. Brilliant :)
For metal fans out there Name In Vain is band to keep your eyes and ears open for during 2009 with a full album on the way.
With some luck and skill hopefully the band will land an opening slot that will make thousands of metal maniacs scream out Name In Vain.

BEST TRACK : Persecuted

SOUNDS LIKE : Pantera,Testament,Anthrax,Alice In Chains,Black Sabbath