Album Title: Hellbound
Genre: Punk/Thrash/Metal
Release Date: Out Now!!!

Formed in Hammerdal,Sweden 2006

Göran Nyström - Vocals
Mikael Wennstig - Guitar
Jon Pedersén - Lead Guitar
Niklas Linnes - Bass
Tom Åsvold - Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from Swedish thrash/punk band Paincraze.
Thrash metal with a punk attitude and with melodic parts to spice the the songs up.
A cool blend of songs within the 9 on the album.
Singer Göran Nyström impresses and the band is tight as hell.
Good and solid production.
I'm sure we will be hearing alot about Paincraze on the metal scene in the years to come.

BEST TRACK : Black Day

SOUNDS LIKE : Slayer,Testament,Danzig