Album: Eternal Flight
Genre: Classic Rock/Metal/Doom
Label: For Once Records
Release Date: Out Now!!!! Release date Nov 2008

Formed in Oakland, USA 2007

Eric Murray :Guitar
Aaron Levin:Drums


Andy Flash:Spinechained-Review

Debut album from the American instrumental duo Pegataur.
There are some great melodies and riffs among the 11 tracks.
But I feel as an all instrumental album there's something missing.
A singer who's a mix of Robert Plant and Tony Martin is for me the answer.
I think the songs would become something special with the right vocalist.
And it's something I hope with the next Pegataur album.
Cause without vocals Eternal Flight never takes off.

BEST TRACK : The Dual Becoming

SOUNDS LIKE : Black Sabbath,Led Zeppelin,Black Label Society